A new podcast:

In the late hours of November 7th, 2014, Zachary Lamb and his fiancee made their way home after a night out. Somewhere along the short 2.4 mile route, a man started following them.

Zach tried to lose the car but it didn’t work - they were followed all the way to the street in front of his apartment. When Zach got out to confront the man, he was shot and killed.

‘A Senseless Death’ reviews what we know about the case, and who Zach was in an effort to find his killer. Releasing January 2019.


A new series:

Ashland is a modern Western anthology series about family, redemption, and the ambiguity of justice.

It dives deep into a central question of the human condition: how do we create a positive impact with our lives, both on those we care about and the world?

Click the image to learn more and watch our pitch video, mood reel, and more. Currently in development phase.